My name is Vinicius Carvalho and my history in photography comes straight from my father, who since my childhood let me fantasize and simulate photos with his cameras. After a couple of years I became creative director of an advertising agency and photography in Sao Paulo, Brazil; then it became my profession and a passion and this is my mission in each click, show my story and my client’s story. I believe that photography reflects a close eye and has to tell a story, creating an emotional relationship with the viewer!

After 15 years shooting in Brazil, NYC and around the world I can say that I know about “moments”. Besides, I bring skills about composing, colors, style, and light. Which means I’m aware about what works and what doesn’t.

My professional production guarantees that you will receive unique images. My creative team and I will go to ensure every little part of the process is done with care, passion and technical proficiency.


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